fries in a bag.

speaking of french fries.  i carved a french fries in a paper bag ring.  i guess i'm now aiming for a super niche market.  2 for 2 because i'm also making a rather large hot dog ring with black diamonds.  i was going to set a line of tiny rubies for ketchup, but realized i didn't like the colour red, and went with black diamonds instead.  you can never go wrong with black diamonds.  except for maybe in a hot dog ring.  

diamonds on a french fry

blue/grey rough diamonds on a half eaten french fry.  was eating a poutine and planning out some simple diamond studs, and thought why not combine them both.  i was originally going to take the photo with the diamonds on my finger, but my fingers are in worse shape than the fry because i haven't been moisturizing and won't wear gloves because i refuse to acknowledge that summer may be over.  i think i'm losing my tan. 


wax sculpt, this will be a ring.  kind of looks like a transformer.  can't wait to see it in metal.  part of my ring a day series, something i've been too lazy to blog about and am currently too lazy to elaborate on.  laterz. 

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