smart cat

went to an auction in vermont.  bought very small antique school desk for cats.  taught cat new trick.  also bought another cat sized oak chair, and old american flag with the stars sewn on, and really heavy old tool box full of super heavy old wrenches that i'm probably never going to use.  impulse buy.  if i wasn't able to make jewelry anymore for some reason (broken hands, missing eyes, fingers etc... knock on wood)  i would buy antiques all day long and maybe make an real effort to sell them instead of hoard them.  i mean that's kind of a bad plan too, because i sort of strongly dislike driving, and i feel as though you really need to drive around to properly antique.  and possibly drive large vehicles because you're buying a lot of stuff.  or i could keep buying miniature furniture.  problem solved.  anyway.  life plans.  also, ignore the stuff all over the floor, it's cardboard bits from a cardboard cat scratcher.  

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