drawing night

i wasn't able to attend drawing night, but my wonderful friends were kind enough to gif the eff out of their amazing cat drawings & send it to me while i was out of town!  CATS ARE THE BEST!!!  friend are ok sometimes too. 


smart cat

went to an auction in vermont.  bought very small antique school desk for cats.  taught cat new trick.  also bought another cat sized oak chair, and old american flag with the stars sewn on, and really heavy old tool box full of super heavy old wrenches that i'm probably never going to use.  impulse buy.  if i wasn't able to make jewelry anymore for some reason (broken hands, missing eyes, fingers etc... knock on wood)  i would buy antiques all day long and maybe make an real effort to sell them instead of hoard them.  i mean that's kind of a bad plan too, because i sort of strongly dislike driving, and i feel as though you really need to drive around to properly antique.  and possibly drive large vehicles because you're buying a lot of stuff.  or i could keep buying miniature furniture.  problem solved.  anyway.  life plans.  also, ignore the stuff all over the floor, it's cardboard bits from a cardboard cat scratcher.  

eames LTR + me = true love

ok. no big deal.  I'VE ONLY WANTED ONE OF THESE LITTLE TABLES FOREVER!!!  eames. LTR.  low table rod base.  birch.  zinc.  designed in 1950.  the real deal!  

i went to the flea market.  wandered into a room full of old antique furniture, took a look around and wandered back out.  this part of the flea market is indoors, and the prices are a bit higher, stock is nicely organized and displayed, and they're set up all year round, not like the summer sellers with stuff on tables & the grass outside.  antique furniture, but not really my style.  i left & went to the ATM to re-up on cash, to spend on stuff in the outdoors part of the flea, then i had a funny feeling and decided to go back into the room i had just been in.  i walked to the back of the room, where there was a pile of junky discarded stuff that was not even on display, found this little guy upside down, pretty much on a pile of trash.  let's just say, i had enough money in my wallet even before going to the ATM to buy the table.  it's in pretty rough shape, two of the corners look like it's been eaten by dogs, and the birch veneer is missing in several parts, but i love it, i think it's perfect.  i've wanted an eames LTR for so so long, (ideally with white or black laminate & ply & black base, but who cares!!! ) i don't like reproductions, (why buy a new & readily available, there's no challenge in that!!!) copies/knock offs are absolutely out of the question, and i hadn't found a vintage one at a price i was willing to pay.  and this one was definitely at the right price.  so happy! 

and yes.  those are chickens & a very small goat behind my prized LTR.   


played with a kitten today.  it followed me home.  well, that's a lie, i heard it outside and lured it to my porch.  it's really friendly, meows a lot & is extremely affectionate.  not sure who it belongs to, probably the neighbours across the street, they always have small animals running around their front yard.  i'll keep an eye on it just in case it's a stray.  i have a feeling it might be, because my other neighbour has been leaving offerings of half eaten chicken drumsticks on a little plate nearly everyday on his porch.  who eats that many chicken legs anyway, it's not right.  also, this super dirty and jumpy stray cat seems to be it's mother, she was keeping a close eye on me when i was playing with the kitten.  i feel a bit itchy.