stacking eames base with writing desk

my favourite eames base.  mine!!! given to my by a friend!  surprisingly, narrow mount, i've just assumed that stacking bases were all wide mount, but this is not the case.  i have three shells without bases, two wide mount and one narrow mount, so will have to figure something out.  i'm not a fan of repro bases or removing & repositioning shockmounts.  i want one in the living room & maybe one or two in my studio.  it would be kind of fun to bring out out into the backyard, i don't know if i have super weak wrists or something but i can't seem to hold up a book, i need to rest it on something.  ok, i do have super weak wrists because i can barely do one push up without them collapsing.  i have strong hands and arms, but useless weak wrists like a t-rex.  

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