my apple trees finally established this year!  i've had them for 3-4 years, i can't really remember.  i've had weirdly small apples every year, but they've never this big or nearly this many.  they are perfectly round and delicious.  one tree has apples with a thin translucent yellow skin- those were ready a few weeks ago-  

and they were delicious!  the red ones need maybe one more week, some are ready now.  yay. free fruit.  i didn't think the apples would work out because i had a massive aphid problem this spring.  i kept spraying them with a very watered down solution of delicious smelling citrus essential oils with mild biodegradable dish soap, and it seemed to work.  this year i also grew raspberries & blackberries & blueberries as well this year.  planted some kale (eaten by groundhog), broccoli (eaten by groundhog), peppers (groundhog left teethmarks in every single pepper, guess he didn't like them), many kinds of tomatoes, ground cherries, celery, herbs, onions, and i think there might be a watermelon in there too.  yay for outdoors.  i kind of want a beehive, but i think my neighbours are too close.  next year i want to try planting carrots and beans.  

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