#1616 quistgaard for dansk

i've always wanted to collect vintage dansk peppermills but i never ever find them while thrifting.  this is my first one!!!  it was super dirty with decades of kitchen grease and dirt, it look closer to ebony than teak.  it took a lot of scraping & cleaning with orange oil (nothing else was even close to making a dent in the sticky grease) to get it back to it's original colour, and then a coat of lemon furniture oil.  

i mean i could always buy pepper mills at full price on ebay or something and make a collection but there's no fun in that, and i'd rather pay my electricity bill than buy a stupid beautifully designed pepper mill.  i did a bit of research, and this one seems to be #1616, not a super rare one, but it's a nice design and nice and chunky.  this is an earlier version with the metal peugot grinder mechanism, probably from the 1960's.  the newer ones have dumb plastic grinders.  i've been using a grinder from muji, it's beautiful, but honestly it kind of sucks, the top falls off all the time and then you get a plate full of stupid peppercorns.  gross.  quistgaard, you're a design genius, and i hope to add more of your pieces to my hoard.  

oh right, the best part?  it was 50 cents.  FIFTY CENTS.  way to raises money for your charity, charity thrift store.  you can't even buy a donut for 50 cents.  um, not that i'm complaining, please never raise your prices i love you.  

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