one of my favourite light fixtures, vintage 1950's brass sputnik by lightolier.  i just moved it from the hallway to the bedroom, and it's hard to find really really low wattage mini globe lightbulbs, so i've settled for some 25W and some are 40W, and i added it up it's probably close to 400W of bright blinding light, not dissimilar to staring into a car headlight.  will have to do something about this eventually because it's absurdly bright and hot.  i can only seem to find 5W and 10W bulbs in the little pointy chandelier bulbs, and i'm not the biggest fan of those.  anyway, first world problem. also, i wish crappy companies with no original ideas would stop making cheap ugly bastard copies of this light.  suck it.  copycats are the pits.  also, my walls look really dirty, but it's a lovely combination of drywall, plaster, primer and white paint.  

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