chairs chairs chairs

so two pretty exciting things.  i finally got chairs for my backyard.  i've been holding out for matching chairs.  i'm not that into random crappy backyard chairs, if i'm going to get cheap chairs for outside, they better be cute and matching, my backyard is messy enough as is.    these vintage chairs made in canada and i love them!  $15 each!  the other exciting thing is that my neighbourhood just got a bunch of hybrid communautos so i got to drive a prius for the first time, really fun car.  but i'm a big fan mostly because when you fold down the back seats, you can fit 8 chairs.  and possibly more.  if i popped the seats off the bases, i think i could fit at least 15.  just thinking ahead.  


hello canada!

my weeklong fab sale just started last night!  my jewelry is featured in the "canadian shop" along with some other fantastic canadian designers!  i have a limited numbers of canadiana themed jewelry & some other geometric jewelry at special sale pricing until july 19th.  shipping to the US & canada too.  free shipping for orders over $75 so start shopping.  



one of my favourite light fixtures, vintage 1950's brass sputnik by lightolier.  i just moved it from the hallway to the bedroom, and it's hard to find really really low wattage mini globe lightbulbs, so i've settled for some 25W and some are 40W, and i added it up it's probably close to 400W of bright blinding light, not dissimilar to staring into a car headlight.  will have to do something about this eventually because it's absurdly bright and hot.  i can only seem to find 5W and 10W bulbs in the little pointy chandelier bulbs, and i'm not the biggest fan of those.  anyway, first world problem. also, i wish crappy companies with no original ideas would stop making cheap ugly bastard copies of this light.  suck it.  copycats are the pits.  also, my walls look really dirty, but it's a lovely combination of drywall, plaster, primer and white paint.  


two of my favourite ladies doing headstands in the park.  

trigon rider

just added some new diamond rings to the shop.  my favourite one is the rough black diamond on top, it has a tiny sparkly white trigon (triangular) diamond hitching a ride on it's peak.  good job nature.  


bought really pretty garlic scapes for the first time.  guess i could just reach over the fence and give my neighbour's elephant garlic plants a bit of a trim but that wouldn't be very nice would it.  i book my communautos based on colour and try to avoid blue cars. (absolutely not a dishwalla reference.)  somehow these things seem related.