and it continues... bathroom reno

before.  what's that on the ceiling?  gross mildew because there's no fan/exhaust in the bathroom & it's too cold to shower with the window open during the winter.  it's less than 5 feet across, i think 57" wide, about the size of a hallway.  charming.  

ingenious?  maybe.  cutting a hole in the door to fit around a toilet that's too long for the space.  

more interesting details.  cutting a whole in the wall to fit AROUND the toilet. 

orange... why?????? & how old is that brown baseboard heater? tiny four foot tub, also about 12 inches deep, about the size of a birdbath.  pretty much just a deep shower.    
didn't bother painting over the nasty orange paint.  since the entire bathroom was coming down. white part of the wall was when i had the wiring re-done in the house & had to repair the wall.  I HATE SHOWER CURTAINS.  THEY SHOULD BE BANNED. 

kind of gross.  no matter how much i cleaned it, it always looked dirty.  silicone caulking all over the bottom of the toilet.  it came that way.  there was also a dixi cup holder glued to the wall above the sink at one point.    i ripped that off the wall the second i moved in.  those cute pastel tiles?  not tiles.  its a laminate panelling. i'm a big fan of exposed pipes, but only when it's done nicely.  little tiny sink is super cute as well, but i found that i was spitting out toothpaste on my feet nearly every other day.   
demolition!!!! giant pipe on left is roof drain.  

that's the chimney.  

beautiful spiderwebs! 
chimney out!  they had to haul about two tons of bricks because it turns out the roofers who did my white membrane roof a couple of years ago tossed the bricks down the chimney instead of hauling them away when they removed the top of the chimney.  what a bunch of morons.  whatever, at least the roof doesn't leak.  

new plumbing in.  new window in.  tub in.  wall moved, and plastered primed & painted.  
i'm many many weeks into an epic bathroom reno.  can't wait to have after pictures!!! it's hard to do my regular work when the house is in a state of ridiculous chaos, but it'll be worth the wait.  a contractor friend of mine did most of the work, he brought in a co-worker for part of it, plumber, plasterer at one point too, and my trusty handman friend is doing the tiling and some other stuff as well.  big team, tiny house.  i've been doing some demolition, plastering, painting, most of the sourcing & shlepping, as much as i can while running my own business & with a tiny communauto.  i also recently realized that i don't have to learn how to to absolutely everything myself, and it's been kind of a relief.  but i also want to be able to do everything myself.  meh.  

i've been in this house for nearly five years, and my tiny bathroom was about 45sq feet, and orange, and barely functional.  so this is the last big reno, then the new floors are getting put in upstairs, and then i'm done for a while. i want a little deck & new fence in the backyard, so that's the next project maybe for next year.  

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