new! table! teak! thrifted!

scored a super sweet table today!  and i wasn't even in the market for a table!  at a thrift store!!! i was walking home from the post office and decided to do a quick check in my local salvation army store.  90% of the time, i don't find anything good but not this time!!!  teak!!  vintage!!  no big deal!! and the leaves slide in underneath, it's amazing!  and it also looks exactly like the teak table from my childhood, the one we had in our kitchen forever.  

i think i'm going to get rid of some stuff in my studio and put it there, i really like the 8ft table i have right now in my kitchen and don't want to switch it out.  this one extends to just over 6 feet, and it's super nice and solid!  i would know since i had to carry it home.  on my shoulder.  in two trips.  it's solid.  while i was carrying the legged part with the leaves, a junkie smashed right into one of the table legs with his face.  i felt sooo bad because it was a pretty hard impact, but he was very apologetic (honestly how can you miss someone carrying a huge table & taking up the entire sidewalk) and barely paused so i'm going to assume he wasn't badly injured.   anyway, i'm super happy with my table.  going to refinish it a bit and it's going to be extra beautiful!!! 

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