every day is caturday

just cleaned & oiled my new table!  it didn't need anything more than that.  all the small scratches & lighter spots, water spots are gone! perfect.  then i put a cat on it to stage a photo.  poofy's famous now!  she made it onto buzzfeed again yesterday!  the first time it was about caticorns.  super proud of my cat. (if only my photos of my jewelry would go viral, hahaha.  cough.) so now i'm feeling some pressure to make her a good cardboard & sharpie easter outfit.   

cats hanging out in my studio, really nice and sunny today.  my DIY cat perch might need a sisal re-wrap.  

super dirty and sad stray cat in front of a neighbour's house.  i think he was wet & cold from all the melty snow.  not friendly at all & pretty grumpy from a rough winter.  poor dirty sad cat.  but i bet he's also the jerk who's been pissing repeatedly on my doormat.  

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  1. OH my gosh! Love this. Viral kitty :)


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