every day is caturday

just cleaned & oiled my new table!  it didn't need anything more than that.  all the small scratches & lighter spots, water spots are gone! perfect.  then i put a cat on it to stage a photo.  poofy's famous now!  she made it onto buzzfeed again yesterday!  the first time it was about caticorns.  super proud of my cat. (if only my photos of my jewelry would go viral, hahaha.  cough.) so now i'm feeling some pressure to make her a good cardboard & sharpie easter outfit.   

cats hanging out in my studio, really nice and sunny today.  my DIY cat perch might need a sisal re-wrap.  

super dirty and sad stray cat in front of a neighbour's house.  i think he was wet & cold from all the melty snow.  not friendly at all & pretty grumpy from a rough winter.  poor dirty sad cat.  but i bet he's also the jerk who's been pissing repeatedly on my doormat.  


new! table! teak! thrifted!

scored a super sweet table today!  and i wasn't even in the market for a table!  at a thrift store!!! i was walking home from the post office and decided to do a quick check in my local salvation army store.  90% of the time, i don't find anything good but not this time!!!  teak!!  vintage!!  no big deal!! and the leaves slide in underneath, it's amazing!  and it also looks exactly like the teak table from my childhood, the one we had in our kitchen forever.  

i think i'm going to get rid of some stuff in my studio and put it there, i really like the 8ft table i have right now in my kitchen and don't want to switch it out.  this one extends to just over 6 feet, and it's super nice and solid!  i would know since i had to carry it home.  on my shoulder.  in two trips.  it's solid.  while i was carrying the legged part with the leaves, a junkie smashed right into one of the table legs with his face.  i felt sooo bad because it was a pretty hard impact, but he was very apologetic (honestly how can you miss someone carrying a huge table & taking up the entire sidewalk) and barely paused so i'm going to assume he wasn't badly injured.   anyway, i'm super happy with my table.  going to refinish it a bit and it's going to be extra beautiful!!! 


caged quartz

these are big chunky ones with coloured crystals and some crystals with magical things inside of them.  rutile quartz, smokey quartz, pyrite quartz etc... some available here, and others will be available at some new on-line stores that i'm very very excited about.  



just listed a bunch of new things from my new collection in the shop.  also did a little makeover on the shop. my new collection is called "woven" because everything is woven.  these pieces were very fun to make but labour intensive.  each piece is one of a kind!!!

also coming up, very exciting jewelry collaboration with my friend audrey for ovate.  it launches this friday at 6pm so please check it out!