cat cave

so i've had these as a favourite on etsy forever.  i finally purchased a felted wool cat cave by vaiva nat over the holidays.  it took just over one week to get here from lithuania.  and its super thick and beautiful & holds it's shape and even more amazing than i ever imagined.  as soon as i put it on the bed, poof stuck her head in it and stood like that for a good minute before jumping in, played a little, fell asleep then she stayed in it for nearly SEVEN HOURS.  so money very well spent.  i think everyone with a cat should get one.  it's pretty much one of the only good looking cat beds out there.  now i need to buy some more for the other cats, because they're never going to get a turn with this one.  happy! 


new year! new things!

these are the rings i wear every day.  rattlesnake ring, skull ring with sapphire eyes & a rough diamond ring.  also, i re-opened up my own on-line shop again.  i've been using etsy, and i will continue to use etsy, but i wanted something that was more integrated with my website.  there will be some overlap in both shops, but my own store will have gold pieces, and one of a kind pieces as well as my favourite pieces from my permanent collection.  shop.elaine-ho.com

i've been using a little canon point and shoot camera from 2008 for my product shots, and it really wasn't doing me any favours anymore.  my phone takes better photos at this point.  so for christmas, i bought myself a new camera.  i've had it for a few days now and i absolutely love it.  i can take good close ups!  i can actually clearly see what the photo will look like on the screen.  it's like a christmas miracle. 

14K gold & rough diamond pinky ring

i spent days and days doing research (comparing on snapsort, reading insane amounts of reviews, comparing prices, trying cameras out in person & cross referencing an email full of super advice from my camera obsessed friend phil) and i ended up getting canon powershot G15.  very affordable & on sale ($379), feels nice, good size, great big sensor, big lens, high res screen, good for low light.  it finally came down to the canon G1X and G15, and i absolutely loved everything about the G1X, found one on sale for $499 in canada, but it's pretty garbage at macro.  it needs a crazy far 20cm to even focus!! then i would have to buy and adaptor thing and a close up lens, so what's the point.  G15? 1cm!  winner!!! 
14K gold mini cone studs

14K gold mini triangle studs

the G15 didn't have a flip out screen like the G1X, but honestly, i'm not going to take that many selfsies, so whatev.  i did briefly consider DSLR cameras, but found that they weren't for me because it's just too complicated, too huge, too conspicuous (for me), i would NEVER take it out in public because i don't want to pretend i'm a photographer when i'm not, honestly i'm not that interested in learning how to use one and i know i'm never going to change the lens anyway.  
champagne caged quartz necklace

i also considered a bunch of mirrorless cameras, and almost went for the sony nex-5r, but i played with one, it was a disaster.  the menus were way too complicated, as was the touch screen & you also have to pay for apps, sign up for an on-line account & some other annoying stuff, it wasn't very easy to use AND i would still have to buy a macro lens.  and that macro lens isn't even as good at macro as the G15 out of the box.  not to mention a lens costs nearly the same as buying an entire camera.  so i would be looking at spending $800 at least.  no way.  i also didn't need crappy wifi on my camera. 
triple tetra pendant

it's harder than you think to find an affordable camera that takes good close up photos, easy to use,  not douchy-looking, big hi res screen, not full of "art filters" or pre-programmed soundtracks for my slideshows, you know gimmicky garbage.  also, i'm very picky and love to complain.  my only gripe with the G15 is that they didn't even supply a $0.40 connection cable or even a crappy memory card.  what's up with that canon?  good thing i had spares, and in the end not a big deal.  sheesh.  other than that.  i'm happy.  better camera=less time photoshopping + more cat photos.   happy new year!  

(this photo was taken with my phone not the new camera)
oh, speaking of new year.  i went to the emergency vet clinic yesterday (new year's day) because i though poof was  dying of a uti or some sort of fatal blockage or something.  um, turns out she's stressed out, stressed out because she's a cat.  a jealous cat.  she hates tube.  the newish cat is stressing her out.  poof is a cat you can dress up and sit her on a miniature chair and carry her upside down.  this very easy going cat that can tolerate dogs & home renovations is letting a cat that looks like a cartoon stress her out??? come on.  poof.  

sooooo.... i have to buy more food bowls another litter box, spoil the crap out of her, and make it clear to her that she's my favourite.  ugh.  so not my favourite right now.  so high maintenance cat.  i'm buying a feliway diffuser, additional cat bed, i put out more bowls of food, and hopefully she'll chill out... officially a crazy cat lady now, i'm just waiting for my certificate to come in the mail.