this came in the mail last week

got myself a little stuffed head to go on my wall.  smart design mart just wrapped up. it was amazing, best turnout ever.  everyone's set ups looked so good, the new space was the best yet.  here are some photos of the three days.   i was sad i didn't have time to go shop.  the tuesday after, i was so exhausted i slept for 15 hours and now i have the plague.  whine whine whine. well, i guess i'm just thankful i didn't get the nasty gastro that was going around. ewwww.  


what are you doing this weekend?

photo by tyson bodnarchuk, you know the guy with 8 million tumblr followers
if you know what's good for you, you'll be at smart design mart.  i know who you are.  if that sounds like a threat, it's because it is.  we've worked very very hard for the last couple of months putting together our this show!  it's this friday to sunday.  it's our 4th year and it's going to be the best year yet.  even bigger space, so the aisles aren't even aisles, they're like huge studio apartments.  that doesn't really make sense, but it does in my head.  what i'm trying to say is that it won't be crowded and you'll be freaked out cause strangers are rubbing up against you.  well i guess that can still happen, but at least now you'll know it's on purpose.  

the only stress you'll have is figuring out how you're going to afford to buy EVERYTHING.  and that's what credit cards are for.  a few new things this year, some incredible new vendors, we have ATMs, (hello! that's a machine that just GIVES you money!) umm, TATTOOING by my good friend krista bursey, if that's not enough, you might even run into santa at smart design mart.  

friday night opening 5-9pm is hosted by cultMTL! they have dj's, giveaways, and issue #4, with great reviews of creepy santas.  we're the relaxed holiday design show where you can just come & hang out, and then come back again the next day and hang out some more.  check out the smart design mart blog (now more bilingual!!) to read up on some of our talented vendors.