diamonds are a cat's best friend

rough diamond & yellow gold pinky ring in progress
similar ring on my pinky & tube trying to eat my fingers, she's about to turn my diamond into a blood diamond.

i'm not a huge fan of sparkly diamonds.  i mean if i found a bag of them on the street it wouldn't be a bad day.  what i mean to say is that i would make a lost poster and try to get the diamonds back to their rightful owner.  anyway what i'm really a huge fan of is, rough diamonds.  uncut diamonds.  diamonds in their natural state.  even rough cut diamonds.  i managed to get my hands on some old industrial diamonds.  these came from great britain somewhere, from an old factory that closed down a long time ago.  so they are guaranteed not to be blood diamonds, if anything, they were rescued from the trash.  most of them are a sparkly silvery grey color and absolutely stunning.  i love the idea of being able to rock (excuse the pun) a huge diamond (yet surprisingly affordable) on your pinky, without it being super flashy and obviously a diamond.  the one in the photo is 1.8 carats, the rest are around 1 carat (like the one i've been wearing).  i'll be making few of these for the holiday season.  

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