caged crystals

been making some caged crystals this week. this batch is chunkier and chubbier.  thicker crystals, heavier chains.  go big or go home? i guess since i wear a lot of dirty work t-shirts i kind of wanted a big pendant to distract from the stains.  

caging in progress.  each crystal gets a custom fitted cage.  it has to fit perfectly, too loose, and the crystal will fall out, too tight, and it could put pressure on the crystal and break it.  i've never come across two crystals that were the same size.  i guess that's what makes them magical! magical in a pretty way and magic like science, you know all snowflakes are unique kind of way.  not magical in that spiritual, omg, my chakra is misaligned weird way.  no offense reiki people. 

smokey crystal!  
i left the house for the first time in weeks for something other than work so i decided to break out the mini fur coat and a clean sweater over my dirty t-shirt, and changed out of my dirty work pants, but i did not comb my hair.   

holiday sweat shop time is for a couple more weeks,  i love my work, so most of it is good times.  i'm also organizing smart design mart and we have over 100 participants this year so that involves lots of spreadsheets, running around and a frenzy of admin work, which i find is an entirely different animal than sitting quietly in my studio by myself all day and making jewelry.  

really looking forward to the show though, we're in a bigger spot this year, and we have an amazing line up of artists and designers lots of new people, lots of vetrans.  and tattooing.  yup.  tattooing.  check out the smart design mart blog regularly to learn about our super talented peeps!  i absolutely can't wait to go shopping, i plan on buying ALL of my christmas presents (not just stuff for myself hehe) at the mart!!! 

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