happy halloween!

unicorn (very rare)


batman (and robin)

hello kitty

well, halloween was happier for some than others.  although poof looks somewhat unhappy in some of the photos, she was actually purring, loving the attention & waiting patiently for the next costume change.   the witch hat was her favourite, i kept having to chase her down because she kept walking away with it. i'm not even sure if she knew she had a hat on.  a few sheets of cardstock, markers & tape, now that's some low budget fun.  i just fed her as many cat treats as she could eat,  now i just hope she doesn't throw up.  



enjoying a spot of sun.  

working working

i carved a really tiny skull & i'm playing around with some of my treasured crystals.  i'm working on lots of new things some gold things and some big things, lots of one of a kind things.  i'll be selling my jewelry at souk@sat as well as smart design mart this holiday season!  if you want to be part of smart design mart this year, the deadline to apply for is november 1st & you can apply on-line!  


hairy bertoia

poof making using her chair.  this mini cat sized bertoia chair was worth every penny.  (ok, that's a lie, i paid way too much for it, and it's three friends) but i do feel like it's a better investment than a giant ugly cat condo made out of beige carpet scraps.  you can't re-sell one of those.  think of mid century furniture as a sort of cat college fund.  well, that's what i tell myself every time i bring home more miniature furniture.  

hi tube!

tube looking thoughtful.  the name this 5 year old cat came with (sophia) just didn't suit her at all, and also it's my bf's ex-gf's name, so even though she's a nice very girl (the ex, not the cat),  i kept calling the cat a slut.  she didn't answer to sophia more than anything else (the cat not the ex) so i named her tubesock kind of as a joke because she's um grey, and sort of shaped like tube.  so unfortunately for her the name has stuck (the cat, not the ex).  sorry tube.  


ask me why i smell like cigarettes.

ok! good news!  i finally got the lounge chair i've been looking for forever!  just a simple teak thing.  i've been trying to get my hands on one of these for so long.  but for the right price.  the thing is, dealers & resellers keep getting to the listings on craigslist and kijiji before me.  they have vans and are not dependant on arranging for other transportation, so they can go pick stuff up asap.  first come first serve.  once i managed to snag two similar chairs with original cushions for $50 and even arranged for a delivery van for pick up off the island, but they guy selling them was at work and he called his wife at home 20 minutes too late, and she ended up accidentally selling them out from under me to a dealer.  i almost started crying in public.  oh, and to add insult to injury, the jerk who bought them listed them right back on craigslist the next day for $600.  what an asshole.  this poacher reposts his ads everyday and it's the same stuff he purchased several days earlier but at a crazy markup.  dude, you're selling it out of your garage, not an antique shop.  sometimes he doesn't even bother changing the photos.  how about the teak wall unit he's selling now for $1100 or best offer.  best offer because he bought it for $400.  anyway, everyone has to make a living.  

the chair needs some refinishing, there's a patchy stain job on part of it, a somewhat sticky bumpy build up on it and it smells like some sort of circa 1850 product was applied a bit too liberally and way too often.  the straps need replacing and new cushions of course but i think it's perfect and i can't wait to work on it.  it has beautiful lines and it's really comfortable and i won't be re-selling it.  

so the guy selling it was super nice and since my mode of transportation is bicycle, i asked him if he could deliver the chair and he said he would drive me home because he lives close by!  perfect.  you meet the most interesting people when you buy furniture on craigslist & kijiji.  you know, even though he was chain smoking, watching the voice, and there was a really sharp dental instrument, cigarettes, measuring tape and digital thermometer next to his laptop on his coffee table, i still got into his car, in the dark.  i feel like you just know when someone isn't going to bludgeon you to death.  i guess the only time i got a bit nervous was when he couldn't remember how to turn on his headlights cause he never drives at night.  um, because when he goes out at night he only takes cabs, because he drinks too much.  and he did mention something about seeing too many of his friends going through the "system".  anyway.  thanks!  love my new chair!  


sad camping

a new collection that i've put together inspired by canadian camping and all the bad things that can happen when you go into the woods.  you know, the usual.  these are almost all new pieces, but i've brought back the severed arm, the severed 6 toed leg and the mini stump to complete the story.  it's like a choose your own adventure camping tale that never has a happy ending.  from top to bottom:  three eyed rat (uh oh), camping ax, lil beav, tiny fox head earrings, mini burly bear (big burly bear needed a friend), canoe oars (for a fast getaway), and sad marshmallow on a stick (everyone knows what's going to happen to him).  all new styles are now available in my shop!