vintage finds

navy silk jacket with gold rope embroidery

perfect for yachting! although if you fall in the water, the big shoulder pads will soak up a lot of water and you'll probably drown.  

wool blend dress with snap on/off sleeves and matching tie belt.

silk emanuel ungaro dress

silk simon chang dress.  i removed shoulder pads the size of couch cushions from this dress.  

cotton cacharel jumper with open back! so cute!!

this is the front.

vintage hudson's bay wool cardigan with amazing crest with moose & beavers

grey suede fringe vest

ignore the wrinkles.  most beautiful silk ever.  i'll steam it eventually.  comes with a pretty matching skirt and scarf.  i LOVE the print.  
i got lucky this week with some amazing vintage goods.  i'm very very picky with my own clothing, so i rarely keep anything for myself.  but not this time!  i'm going to keep the cacharel jumper, the hbc cardigan, and maybe the fringe vest.  the grey suede is amazing!  

i'm building up my vintage stockpile right now for the oldwig event in the beginning of october.  i'll be bringing in high end & designer vintage clothing (at very reasonable prices), deadstock vintage boots, furniture and home decor.  it's taking place at bain mathieu, an amazing venue, which is also mere blocks from my house, so i'm pretty excited about the commute!  i have an unusual amount of vintage escada, lots of little fur jackets too, i'm bringing in some eames shells, vintage cameras, antique books, silk scarves, west german pottery, pretty much anything that isn't nailed down in my home.  it's going to be fun!!!  will post more details and sneak peeks a they come.  

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