country fair!

possibly the cutest and most perfect carrots i've ever seen. they are so perfect.  there was also several baking contests, one of which was for cakes made from mix.  huh?  it was sad to see all the cakes and cookies with a single bite out of them and rewrapped with plastic wrap.  

wrestling.  i like the guy's red and yellow leggings.  i would kill for a pair in solid black & black mesh.   i think i could probably find something similar at the shop that sells prostitute clothes down the street.  

ok, i've heard of funnel cakes, classic fair food right?  first time i've seen one in person.  so weird.  looks like a mutant fried octopus.  it's just batter drizzled directly into the deep fryer.  and the there's the corndog. 

i have a self imposed lifetime ban from casinos.  bingo at a country fair doesn't count does it?  now i want to play bingo all the time.   i have to make use of my dauber no?  

the most beautiful airstream ever.  towed on an amazing hot rod el camino hearse thing.  had a great long weekend.  

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