puces display

getting my display & stock ready for puces pop today, it's a huge oversize 8ft table so i'm glad my kitchen table is also 8ft long so i can do a pretend set up just to make sure everything fits.  i've painted the tips of some old antlers black and i'll be hanging necklaces off of them.  thinking of covering the table with dark fabric that goes all the way to the floor and then white vellum on top of that. we'll see.    i haven't done a puces pop for a couple of years so i'm really looking forward to this one!  come visit!!! it's this saturday & sunday, full details here on the facebook event.  so much left to do! 


chair vids are the new cat vids

some people like to have a glass of wine to unwind from a long day of work.  i prefer watching videos like this.  you know, just in case i ever need to take apart an eames lounger.  life skills people. 


puces pop!!!

getting ready for some puces pop, now if i could only remember if it's a 6 ft or 8 ft table, i'm trying to figure out my set up.  either way, it's going to be a a good one, mostly because i'll be there selling alongside a lot of good friends, and also because i have a credit card machine.  come by this saturday & sunday.  here's a list of vendors!  


vintage finds

navy silk jacket with gold rope embroidery

perfect for yachting! although if you fall in the water, the big shoulder pads will soak up a lot of water and you'll probably drown.  

wool blend dress with snap on/off sleeves and matching tie belt.

silk emanuel ungaro dress

silk simon chang dress.  i removed shoulder pads the size of couch cushions from this dress.  

cotton cacharel jumper with open back! so cute!!

this is the front.

vintage hudson's bay wool cardigan with amazing crest with moose & beavers

grey suede fringe vest

ignore the wrinkles.  most beautiful silk ever.  i'll steam it eventually.  comes with a pretty matching skirt and scarf.  i LOVE the print.  
i got lucky this week with some amazing vintage goods.  i'm very very picky with my own clothing, so i rarely keep anything for myself.  but not this time!  i'm going to keep the cacharel jumper, the hbc cardigan, and maybe the fringe vest.  the grey suede is amazing!  

i'm building up my vintage stockpile right now for the oldwig event in the beginning of october.  i'll be bringing in high end & designer vintage clothing (at very reasonable prices), deadstock vintage boots, furniture and home decor.  it's taking place at bain mathieu, an amazing venue, which is also mere blocks from my house, so i'm pretty excited about the commute!  i have an unusual amount of vintage escada, lots of little fur jackets too, i'm bringing in some eames shells, vintage cameras, antique books, silk scarves, west german pottery, pretty much anything that isn't nailed down in my home.  it's going to be fun!!!  will post more details and sneak peeks a they come.  


every cat needs some hermès.

picked up this little scarf at a thrift store.  i wear scarves under my bike helmet so i don't have to wash out the sweaty liner as often as i should.  i'm a sucker for designer silk scarves, the cat?  not so much.  


blue moon

two full moons in one month?  could explain why the cats are extra fighty and filled with hate.  really neat to watch a moonrise.  

country fair!

possibly the cutest and most perfect carrots i've ever seen. they are so perfect.  there was also several baking contests, one of which was for cakes made from mix.  huh?  it was sad to see all the cakes and cookies with a single bite out of them and rewrapped with plastic wrap.  

wrestling.  i like the guy's red and yellow leggings.  i would kill for a pair in solid black & black mesh.   i think i could probably find something similar at the shop that sells prostitute clothes down the street.  

ok, i've heard of funnel cakes, classic fair food right?  first time i've seen one in person.  so weird.  looks like a mutant fried octopus.  it's just batter drizzled directly into the deep fryer.  and the there's the corndog. 

i have a self imposed lifetime ban from casinos.  bingo at a country fair doesn't count does it?  now i want to play bingo all the time.   i have to make use of my dauber no?  

the most beautiful airstream ever.  towed on an amazing hot rod el camino hearse thing.  had a great long weekend.