vintage typewriters!!!

brother charger: needs a good cleaning

two toned grey royal: excellent working condition! 

olivetti: this one needs the most work

on display in my bookshelf! 

how many typewriters is too many?  i always seem to have a vintage typewriter somewhere in my home.  i can't stop buying them, i guess i'm attracted to them the way people are attracted to cars.  they collect dust (and cat hair), they're difficult to clean, (dust and cat hair sticks really nicely to oiled parts) and i don't ever use them, i guess i just don't write enough ransom/anonymous notes.  but they look nice, and they're extra special when they have the french "keyboard".  i bought the three typewriters on top all in one day this week.  score!  a blue brother, 50's two toned grey royal (mint condition) and pretty dusty blue olivetti.  it was quite a trial to bring them all home on the metro as they are quite heavy and i don't have a car.  they need minor tune ups, cleaning & new ribbons before listing them in my etsy shop.  something i'll get around to it eventually... 

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