not sure if she likes being picked up, she's not struggling so i'll assume she's enjoying herself.
i got a new cat last week!!  she's 5 years old, her name is sophia.  her previous owner is ill and isn't able to take care of her anymore.  i was not at all in the market for a new cat especially with pepito being pretty sick, but my sister sent me a photo of her and i had to have her.  she's a really cute smushed face cat with an extra large serving of eyeballs.  quite friendly, quite skittish  so i've kept her separated from the resident cats all week while she gets settled  and i'm just introducing her to them today.  

new cat stalking old pepito
i think pepito is her favourite, but i also think it's because he's the only cat not hissing at her, ahem, ponyo & poof.  worst welcoming committee ever.  she's been hiding and sleeping during the day, sneaking out for a meal, and only coming out to hang out at night to come hang out in bed with me.  today's the first day where she's out and about during the day!  take that you nocturnal beast!!! so maybe now she'll stop poking her whiskers up my nose while i'm sleeping.  welcome home new cat i hope you like it here!!! 

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