le creuset & helter skelter

scored some vintage le creuset pots today.  these ones have spouts and wooden handles!  very good used condition.  the lady at the check out was kind of annoying.  i've tried to check my bag at this thrift store before, but they don't have bag check.  the aisles are pretty narrow in there and i want to be considerate to other customers and i also don't want to break anything and i usually have a pretty big bag with me.  

i did my first round of shopping, went to another shop, and then i had a half an hour to kill so i went back to the original shop with my bag.  i ended up buying a few more things, i get the same checkout lady, and she has the nerve to tell me that i'm not allowed to buy something and come back in with the merchandise i already paid for (and have a receipt for!!!) AND i should have checked my bag.  um, thanks, i would have loved to check my heavy oversized bag.  but first of all, you don't even have bag check (i've asked!!!), second of all, why do you just accuse me of stealing instead.  geez.  usually i would have gotten all snarky with her, but since she's a volunteer and isn't getting paid to take abuse i really held back and just said "okay" over and over while nodding like crazy and staring her down like she had rabies.  i think watching amber deal with her anger issues on mtv's "teen mom" has really helped me deal with situations like these.  

this is a picture of my new cat using helter skelter as a pillow.  she came with the name sofia, but it hasn't really stuck, possibly because she doesn't respond to the name.  i've been calling her "tubesock" because her head is the exact same size as her body, and she's like a fur tube.  i don't know if that name will stick either.  meh.  

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