kitchen & cats

finally finished renovating my kitchen this year.  weird light situation above the sink.  it's been placed right above the shelves, might have to move it out a bit later, but for now, found a great light fixture that's nice and flush with the ceiling.  kind of industrial and oversized.  i've been looking a non-ugly for flush mount ceiling light forever, and i really like this one.  it also helped that it was only $10 at the habitat for humanity store.  i installed two of them, loved them and then went back and bought five more for the rest of my house.  now i can replace all the random mis-matched light fixtures!  so happy!  it also balances out the vintage poul henningsen ph4/3 & ph5 pendant lamps i recently purchased.  by balance out, i mean my bank account.  custom reclaimed wood shelves by my talented friend mitz takahashi, shelf brackets are from ikea ($2.50 each!) most dishes from ikea as well as the glass jars.  

i'm pretty much allergic to everything (including cats).  my allergies were super bad this morning, so i treated myself to an allergy pill.  i hardly ever take medication, possibly because most of it makes me very very sleepy, even the non-drowsy stuff.  i was falling asleep at my desk and had to finish an order, so i made myself a coffee, and stirred it, and then i immediately got another spoon and then stirred it again.  good thing i wasn't operating heavy machinery or driving.  sheesh.  drugs are bad.  

finished my order and took a nap surrounded by cats.  you can still see the dent i left in the covers.  poof and the new grey cat sort of hate each other.  you can see poof is nearly falling off at the very edge of the bed, trying to get as far aways as possible from tubesock.  still not sure what i'm going to re-name the grey cat, so her name is tubesock for now.  no one seems to like the name.  not even the cat.  i didn't get to choose my own name either.  so suck it up.  cat.  

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