anyone in the market for a poof?

i came home yesterday to a ridiculously long trail of white cat foot prints throughout my entire house.  the entire house.  i had just finished the second heavy coat of OIL PAINT on my new kitchen table, and i guess poof jumped up on it the second i left the house.  i take pride in the fact that my cats are rather well trained.  or at least i though they were.  they're not allowed to jump up on tables, side tables, coffee tables, sewing tables, counter tops, desks, or high shelves.  it's for their own safety, as well as for hygienic reasons.  i do let them sleep in my bed, so i guess that pretty much cancels out any benefits of the hygienic part.  

where's the bad cat box when you need it.  (old photo)

so, i spent the better part of yesterday evening very carefully razor blading and scrubbing the oil paint paw prints off of my relatively new bamboo flooring,  teak night stand & leather pollock executive chair.   then i spent the other part of the evening scrubbing the paint off of poof's paws and then very carefully cutting away any paint covered toe hair.  she didn't meow once during her bath & pedicure, so i guess she knew she was in trouble.  i wasn't able to remove the paw prints from my black stairs because the wood is 100 years old, uneven and impossible to scrape.  so the prints are going to stay until i repaint my stairs.  nothing says crazy cat lady like decorative paw prints.  sigh.  

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