2 cats & a sandwich

cat sleeping in my office chair.  this chair isn't as comfortable as it use to be, because this cat insists on sitting next to me or right behind me as soon as i sit down, and i have to kind of perch so i don't crush her.  we've reached a compromise where she lays across the top of the chair and reads over my shoulder.  

new recycling bins for mtl.  these ones have two handles and lids.  they're kind of huge though, i though i would be able to cram it under my kitchen sink, but it's a no go.  i might just keep it outside.  this is going to suck for my old man neighbour, because he spends his day biking and can collecting, it might be weird for him now that the recycling bins aren't open anymore.  

oh sodium nitrate, i just can't quit you.  i've been very good about avoiding eating stuff with sodium nitrate because it's like a direct path to colon cancer.  but sheesh, is it ever hard to find a good salami that doesn't have it.  i don't care if my cured meats are oxidized and brown.  i don't need bright pink meat.  i'm trying to eat less meat anyway, but i just had a wicked bad salami craving.  tomatoes from my garden & basil from my basil plant, LOADS of vegan mayo (i'm not at all vegan, but regular mayo kind of freaks me out, jarred eggs???) and super fresh miche √† l'ancienne from the bread factory next door.  i was so excited about the fresh bread i had three and a half sandwiches today (and dinner on top of that).  two salami, one almond butter & raspberry jam, and one open face jam.  huh, the carb coma might explain the extreme logeyness i felt all day.  

last week i was really into canned vegetable soup.  i was completely obsessed with it, i think i had it twice a day.  i've been avoiding eating canned foods for a while now because of the bpa lining.  i certainly made up for that.  i usually make my own soup, but really felt like eating canned food.  oh, and what's up with campbell's soup?  the first ingredient in their "vegetable" soup is beef broth.  gross.  then how about the time i was really into pancakes and i ate pancakes nearly every meal for an entire week.  i couldn't eat pancakes again for about 6 months.  oh and then there was the time i made 16lbs of sweet potato fries for poutine for a ski trip last winter.  haven't had a sweet potato since.  and people wonder why i don't drink.  

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  1. oh, I should haven't read this. I love cured meat. & from watching so many food shows I knew they smother the meat in sodium nitrate and I knew it didn't sound healthy, but didn't know it linked to cancer (ignorance is bliss). uggh will need to curb the cravings now.

    & I like vegenaise too. tastes a pinch lighter than mayo. & mayo grosses me out. by the way, your cats are cuteee.


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