kitchen & cats

finally finished renovating my kitchen this year.  weird light situation above the sink.  it's been placed right above the shelves, might have to move it out a bit later, but for now, found a great light fixture that's nice and flush with the ceiling.  kind of industrial and oversized.  i've been looking a non-ugly for flush mount ceiling light forever, and i really like this one.  it also helped that it was only $10 at the habitat for humanity store.  i installed two of them, loved them and then went back and bought five more for the rest of my house.  now i can replace all the random mis-matched light fixtures!  so happy!  it also balances out the vintage poul henningsen ph4/3 & ph5 pendant lamps i recently purchased.  by balance out, i mean my bank account.  custom reclaimed wood shelves by my talented friend mitz takahashi, shelf brackets are from ikea ($2.50 each!) most dishes from ikea as well as the glass jars.  

i'm pretty much allergic to everything (including cats).  my allergies were super bad this morning, so i treated myself to an allergy pill.  i hardly ever take medication, possibly because most of it makes me very very sleepy, even the non-drowsy stuff.  i was falling asleep at my desk and had to finish an order, so i made myself a coffee, and stirred it, and then i immediately got another spoon and then stirred it again.  good thing i wasn't operating heavy machinery or driving.  sheesh.  drugs are bad.  

finished my order and took a nap surrounded by cats.  you can still see the dent i left in the covers.  poof and the new grey cat sort of hate each other.  you can see poof is nearly falling off at the very edge of the bed, trying to get as far aways as possible from tubesock.  still not sure what i'm going to re-name the grey cat, so her name is tubesock for now.  no one seems to like the name.  not even the cat.  i didn't get to choose my own name either.  so suck it up.  cat.  


2 cats & a sandwich

cat sleeping in my office chair.  this chair isn't as comfortable as it use to be, because this cat insists on sitting next to me or right behind me as soon as i sit down, and i have to kind of perch so i don't crush her.  we've reached a compromise where she lays across the top of the chair and reads over my shoulder.  

new recycling bins for mtl.  these ones have two handles and lids.  they're kind of huge though, i though i would be able to cram it under my kitchen sink, but it's a no go.  i might just keep it outside.  this is going to suck for my old man neighbour, because he spends his day biking and can collecting, it might be weird for him now that the recycling bins aren't open anymore.  

oh sodium nitrate, i just can't quit you.  i've been very good about avoiding eating stuff with sodium nitrate because it's like a direct path to colon cancer.  but sheesh, is it ever hard to find a good salami that doesn't have it.  i don't care if my cured meats are oxidized and brown.  i don't need bright pink meat.  i'm trying to eat less meat anyway, but i just had a wicked bad salami craving.  tomatoes from my garden & basil from my basil plant, LOADS of vegan mayo (i'm not at all vegan, but regular mayo kind of freaks me out, jarred eggs???) and super fresh miche à l'ancienne from the bread factory next door.  i was so excited about the fresh bread i had three and a half sandwiches today (and dinner on top of that).  two salami, one almond butter & raspberry jam, and one open face jam.  huh, the carb coma might explain the extreme logeyness i felt all day.  

last week i was really into canned vegetable soup.  i was completely obsessed with it, i think i had it twice a day.  i've been avoiding eating canned foods for a while now because of the bpa lining.  i certainly made up for that.  i usually make my own soup, but really felt like eating canned food.  oh, and what's up with campbell's soup?  the first ingredient in their "vegetable" soup is beef broth.  gross.  then how about the time i was really into pancakes and i ate pancakes nearly every meal for an entire week.  i couldn't eat pancakes again for about 6 months.  oh and then there was the time i made 16lbs of sweet potato fries for poutine for a ski trip last winter.  haven't had a sweet potato since.  and people wonder why i don't drink.  


le creuset & helter skelter

scored some vintage le creuset pots today.  these ones have spouts and wooden handles!  very good used condition.  the lady at the check out was kind of annoying.  i've tried to check my bag at this thrift store before, but they don't have bag check.  the aisles are pretty narrow in there and i want to be considerate to other customers and i also don't want to break anything and i usually have a pretty big bag with me.  

i did my first round of shopping, went to another shop, and then i had a half an hour to kill so i went back to the original shop with my bag.  i ended up buying a few more things, i get the same checkout lady, and she has the nerve to tell me that i'm not allowed to buy something and come back in with the merchandise i already paid for (and have a receipt for!!!) AND i should have checked my bag.  um, thanks, i would have loved to check my heavy oversized bag.  but first of all, you don't even have bag check (i've asked!!!), second of all, why do you just accuse me of stealing instead.  geez.  usually i would have gotten all snarky with her, but since she's a volunteer and isn't getting paid to take abuse i really held back and just said "okay" over and over while nodding like crazy and staring her down like she had rabies.  i think watching amber deal with her anger issues on mtv's "teen mom" has really helped me deal with situations like these.  

this is a picture of my new cat using helter skelter as a pillow.  she came with the name sofia, but it hasn't really stuck, possibly because she doesn't respond to the name.  i've been calling her "tubesock" because her head is the exact same size as her body, and she's like a fur tube.  i don't know if that name will stick either.  meh.  


vintage typewriters!!!

brother charger: needs a good cleaning

two toned grey royal: excellent working condition! 

olivetti: this one needs the most work

on display in my bookshelf! 

how many typewriters is too many?  i always seem to have a vintage typewriter somewhere in my home.  i can't stop buying them, i guess i'm attracted to them the way people are attracted to cars.  they collect dust (and cat hair), they're difficult to clean, (dust and cat hair sticks really nicely to oiled parts) and i don't ever use them, i guess i just don't write enough ransom/anonymous notes.  but they look nice, and they're extra special when they have the french "keyboard".  i bought the three typewriters on top all in one day this week.  score!  a blue brother, 50's two toned grey royal (mint condition) and pretty dusty blue olivetti.  it was quite a trial to bring them all home on the metro as they are quite heavy and i don't have a car.  they need minor tune ups, cleaning & new ribbons before listing them in my etsy shop.  something i'll get around to it eventually... 


house got hair

stumbled across this super adorable house in the plateau with a moustache & hair.  love the dark plants in front, black windows & doors & the perfect row of plants on the roof.  wonder if they're secured so they don't fall on pedestrians when it's windy.  i want a tour of the inside.  i bet it's spectacular too.  maybe i'll just go peer in the windows like a total creep next time i walk by.  

cat #2 and cat #4

the new cat has been fully integrated with the rest of the cat population.  it's going ok.  no one has lost an eye, so that's pretty much all i can ask for.  the girls are a bit catty, as girl cats are and poof & sofia are battling it out for alpha cat.  well as much as persian cats can battle, it's a bit of hissing & some slappy hands.  so it's been pretty low drama.  also, sofia can wrap her leg around her neck, as you see in the bottom photo.  so that's fun.  


IT'S ALIVE!!! i mean live.

my fab.com sale just started!!!!  my jewelry is on a super special sale & i have very limited quantities, as well as many one of a kind pieces in this sale!!!  the sale lasts for only three days.  


anyone in the market for a poof?

i came home yesterday to a ridiculously long trail of white cat foot prints throughout my entire house.  the entire house.  i had just finished the second heavy coat of OIL PAINT on my new kitchen table, and i guess poof jumped up on it the second i left the house.  i take pride in the fact that my cats are rather well trained.  or at least i though they were.  they're not allowed to jump up on tables, side tables, coffee tables, sewing tables, counter tops, desks, or high shelves.  it's for their own safety, as well as for hygienic reasons.  i do let them sleep in my bed, so i guess that pretty much cancels out any benefits of the hygienic part.  

where's the bad cat box when you need it.  (old photo)

so, i spent the better part of yesterday evening very carefully razor blading and scrubbing the oil paint paw prints off of my relatively new bamboo flooring,  teak night stand & leather pollock executive chair.   then i spent the other part of the evening scrubbing the paint off of poof's paws and then very carefully cutting away any paint covered toe hair.  she didn't meow once during her bath & pedicure, so i guess she knew she was in trouble.  i wasn't able to remove the paw prints from my black stairs because the wood is 100 years old, uneven and impossible to scrape.  so the prints are going to stay until i repaint my stairs.  nothing says crazy cat lady like decorative paw prints.  sigh.  

vintage finds!!!

1920's mini silver plated trophies

box cameras with art deco face plates

amazing deadstock plastic crystal chandeliers, the packaging might even be better than the chandeliers!!! 

mid century doll house furniture!  the toilets are the best!!! 

some of my most recent vintage finds... it's hard not to keep all this stuff for myself.  but then all it takes is watching just one episode of hoarders and then i have absolutely no problem listing everything AND the kitchen in my etsy vintage shop.  the hunt is half the fun anyway.


fab sale: august 15!!!

mini octahedron pendants
sceptre pendants 
tetra necklace

i've been working on jewelry for my upcoming fab sale!  it's next wednesday, august 15!!! this is going to be the most special one yet with many new styles and lots of one of a kind pieces.  also, fab is now shipping to canada. hmmm?    



not sure if she likes being picked up, she's not struggling so i'll assume she's enjoying herself.
i got a new cat last week!!  she's 5 years old, her name is sophia.  her previous owner is ill and isn't able to take care of her anymore.  i was not at all in the market for a new cat especially with pepito being pretty sick, but my sister sent me a photo of her and i had to have her.  she's a really cute smushed face cat with an extra large serving of eyeballs.  quite friendly, quite skittish  so i've kept her separated from the resident cats all week while she gets settled  and i'm just introducing her to them today.  

new cat stalking old pepito
i think pepito is her favourite, but i also think it's because he's the only cat not hissing at her, ahem, ponyo & poof.  worst welcoming committee ever.  she's been hiding and sleeping during the day, sneaking out for a meal, and only coming out to hang out at night to come hang out in bed with me.  today's the first day where she's out and about during the day!  take that you nocturnal beast!!! so maybe now she'll stop poking her whiskers up my nose while i'm sleeping.  welcome home new cat i hope you like it here!!!