craigslist woes

hey for once i'm not the one buying on craigslist.  well not for the moment.  but what's up with the super flakey people on craigslist?  if i see something i want, i get in touch with the person, arrange a pick up time and then buy the item as soon as possible.  not rocket science right?  i've listed a few things this week because i need to get rid of some furniture, um, to make room for all of my chairs.  

anyway, i've been forced to add a kind of snarky note to all my listings that kind of goes like this: if you're reading this ad, the item is still available, this ad will be removed once the item is sold.  

you wouldn't think this is necessary, but you would not believe how many emails i get asking: is the item still available?  i follow up with info potential meeting times to come see the item & potentially buy it & general location.  and then, there's no reply.  crickets.  it's like people are suddenly not interested in the item once they know it's still available.  and now even with the added "it's available" note, people are still asking me if the item is available.  

and how about the people who contact you in a panic, say they want the item so bad, please hold it for them, and then flake out on the arranged meeting time?  just this afternoon someone asked if they would be able to carry this desk on the subway.  i don't know, can you?  you could have weak useless t-rex arms, i don't know you!  maybe you can lift a car.  buy my desk before i turn it into a triple bunk bed for the cats!      

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