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beefy likes to come and hang out on the front balcony when i'm sitting out there, and there's absolutely no chance of him escaping, because he can't fit through the bars.  he didn't stay out for very long he got spooked by a gust of wind and ran back inside.  scaredy cat.  

pepito got a much needed bath.  he smelled sooo bad!  and he had a couple of aged dingleberries.  oh the the joys of long haired cats.  especially the ones who don't clean themselves.  he was so very unhappy.  

sweet pony, new trick.  
peonies from my back yard.  yes, i though this plant had white blooms when i bought it, but i don't mind the dark pink it's kind of pretty.  shhhhh.  

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  1. Pretty peonies. My parents' old house had a couple of the dark and light pink peony bushes and I remember watching the syrup drip out of the middle. So pretty, I miss them. I actually think the dark pink ones are better than the white ones, but that's just me...


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