roses from my backyard!  they smell really nice and my fruit flies love them!  i usually hate cut flowers, but they were just going to rot in my backyard where no one will be able to admire them because i still haven't built a deck and i'm only out there maybe once a week, and that's mostly just to eat the ripe strawberries and put out the compost.  also, cut flowers are a great excuse to bring out some of my extensive collection antique glass bottles & jars.  

peonies from my front yard!  the peonies in the back yard are magenta.  i bought pink ones by accident.    it's hard to tell what colour they are when they're not blooming and when the store doesn't label them properly hmmmm?  same with the rosebush in the front yard, bought dark pink roses instead of white ones by accident.  these smell amazing too, and they're full of fun little ants!  

poof.   sitting my little black anna castelli componibili i scored on craigslist last winter.  i tried to make it into a cat bunk bed, but they don't really like sleeping inside of it, or i never got around to sewing round pillows.  i can't remember.  

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