sceptre studs.  matte oxidized finish.  sterling silver.  

posts & backs are shiny silver

sceptre studs hanging out with some phantom quartz

for size.  i think i might wear a bunch of these in one ear.  

sceptre pendant

matte grey-black oxidized finish.  

a mini sceptre series.  these are inspired by the shape of quartz crystals.  the little sceptre studs are solid metal "crystals" and the sceptre pendant is a wireframe version of a quartz sceptre.  i want to make more!  i was ready to spend the evening sculpting tonight but some of my wax gets too smushy when it's this hot.  we're having a heat wave right now.  so i'm hanging out downstairs with a bunch of cats instead.  it's really nice and cool in my unfinished basement, i would sleep down there, but it's unfinished, scary, and full of spiders and other things with wayyy too many legs.  (see below)  i asked brenden to take a photo of it, and then remove it from my hair please so i could start freaking out proper.  

i must have brushed up against something LIKE A GIANT DEAD SPIDER. 

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