bertoia side chair

my lovely mailman brought me a little something this afternoon.  i bought this vintage bertoia side chair for a really good price, it has it's original brown pad with knoll labels.  i love the white seat with black base, i'm thinking of getting the child's version or the baby version of this chair as well, um for the cats.  i know everyone and their mother has these now, and even walmart sells knock offs for really really cheap, but i've always loved the design, and i'm really happy to finally have one of my own and a real one at that!  

the seat pad is brown,  and not really a nice brown, so i'll probably use it to trace a pattern and make myself a new seat pad in real leather to avoid waffle butt, or buy an ikea sheepskin or something.  i have another one of these chairs staying with friend in toronto, it's got a white base, and i think the two charis are going to make for a lovely couple.  chairs are the best!  

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  1. I love how it looks. always better buying the real thing :) and I want to pet that furry tail!


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