started work again on a project i started last summer.  refinishing some eames armshells.   i had already stripped off the upholstery and scraped off most of the foam after spraying the chairs in goo gone & heat gun combo.  so today i used an eco&biodegradable paint stripper to help loosen and remove the rest of the glue and leftover foam.  took about three hours of scraping & a good scrub down with a hose & plastic scouring pad.  i knocked out the weird metal threaded nuts with a rawhide mallet, and now i'm left with 4 rather big holes.  

i'm done stripping two chairs, and there are two other chairs that still have dirty unsalvageable wool upholstery.  next i plan on colour matching the fibreglass with some white wood filler that i'm going to tint with watercolour pigment to fill in the holes, a very light wet sanding, coat the shells with penetrol so they're shiny bright & sealed, (right now the raw edges give me a wicked fibreglass rash) and then order some new shockmounts on-line (i don't want visible screws or holes) & put them back on their original zinc H-bases.  no repro bases for me thanks.  yay fun. can't wait until they're all done.  

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