vintage en gros!

bernie of lost vintage with my bike full of goodies.  
baby head.  on a big fibreglass fish.  i have a real weakness for baby heads.  

vintage wallpaper, there was another shelf on the bottom with metallic foil wallpaper! 
GIANT moose antler.  i kind of wanted it, but it's pretty much the size of my living room. 
lamps lamps lamps, brushed copper and stufff.... 

this little lady had real hair on her head, i don't know if it was human or animal, or where it came from... she was also quite detailed, um, in the crotch area.   

my eiffel tower!  i think i'm going to put it on top of my fridge!! 

real old signs.  i think these are so lovely!  bilingual too! 

motorcycle boots!!! i had a pair exactly like these that i bought in iceland years and years ago, they were two sizes too big for me even with a few pairs of insoles, and they pretty uncomfortable because my feet were always sliding around.  anyway, these are the perfect size!!! i can't wait to wear them all summer.  yes boots in summer, do my feet get hot, not really.  do yours?

old chemistry stencils.  super duper!!!

yay exciting!! i finally got to explore one of the lost vintage warehouses!  i've been dreaming of going ever since bernie (see photo on top) was one of our vendors at smart design mart.  if you like vintage, and are looking for anything, anything at all, love digging around, great deals, lamps, chairs, odd things, deadstock jewelry, mannequins, records, antlers, decorations, tables, vintage t-shirts, seriously, anything you can think of, stop by this weekend.  (if you can't make it this weekend, check his website for opening hours, but hurry because he's closed for two months during the summer for road-tripping) i picked up some amazing things, and plan on going back for these crazy amazing painted solid wood blinds for my front window.  just had to go home to measure the window first.  also, if you don't like to explore & dig, but still love vintage, let bernie know what you're looking for and he can point you in the right direction.  he has a mental catalogue/map of every single one of the thousands of items in that space.  he knows where everything is, and where it came from and the story behind it.  so fun!  and don't forget to look in the drawers.  we stumbled across drawerfuls of e.t. figurines still in the package.  who doesn't love e.t.? well, actually i don't really like the little guy, i find him creepy.  

5505 d'iberville, go around the back of the building to enter  (just north of masson)
open 11-4 on sunday he might also be open next weekend as well.  check out vintageengros.com for details and additional photos and a facebook page is coming soon!! 

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