summer project

i'll be doing a little bit of this soon.  hopefully!  i have a few armshells i've been in the process of re-habbing.  removing uphostery & foam etc.  i haven't forgotten about you guys!! even though you're currently living in the basement and i've been buying other chairs!!!  i like instructional videos, my mind goes blank when i read instructions that have more than three points, i need visuals for sure.  nice clear video, i would probably wear a mask while sanding the fibreglass, you really don't want to get that crap in your lungs, also wear gloves, because fibreglass makes me very itchy.  i was stripping the chairs last summer while wearing shorts, big mistake, i hate the most horrible itchy rash from the exposed fibreglass on the edges of the shells.  wear gloves during the acetone part too.  sheesh... safety first.  anyway, looking forward to finishing the chairs.  

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