14k yellow gold rattlesnake ring

i made a mini collection of rattlesnake jewelry.  rattlesnakes are the best!!! ok, i'm probably saying that because i've never had to meet one face to face.  whatever, poisonous, fangs, angry, rattly?  amazing!!! i made a little rattlesnake pendant, he hangs from his tail, he's about 1.25" long and in a brushed oxidized silver finish.  the next guy is a two headed rattlesnake, just under 2" long.  siamese snake?  or is that not pc, i think i'm supposed to say conjoined??  one head is chill, but the other head is ready to bite, also in the matte oxidized finish.  and last but not least, a little rattlesnake ring!  slightly adjustable from sizes 6-8, in a polished bright silver finish.  the photo on the bottom is the one i made for myself in 14K yellow gold with a brushed matte finish.  i might sell those too.  but for now, i want to be the only one in the world with one.  oh, and i just got some samples of some crazy new plating treatments on these snake pendants!!! black rhodium, metallic black ceramic and metallic red ceramic, they look pretty neat.  will post photos sooon! 

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