the mall...

i was running errands downtown, saw that there was going to be one of those crazy thunderstorms, (you'll want to click on that link, my photo is on the news) so i ducked into the mall because i though it would be silly to bike home in the super heavy rain/hail/thunder/lightning and besides, i didn't have any of my rain gear with me.  well, the mall ended up being way sillier.  flooding!!  pouring water everywhere.  it had to be evacuated.  i took some photos, got to turn off an escalator (kind of exciting), and got out of there as soon as i felt the floor shake in a weird way.  biked home in the pouring rain, but not crazy insane pouring rain.  i'd rather get soaked than die crushed under centre du rasoir rubble or something.  how embarrassing.  it was kind of scary.  

oh, and i saw some weird chivalrous bullshit.  you see the photo of the escalator?  this couple was walking down it, and when they got near the bottom, the guy picked up his lady friend and carried her through the deeper water.  now doesn't that seem WAY more dangerous than if she used her own two feet to walk?  what if he slipped on the wet escalator, her face would be ground beef right quick.  also, it's not like she was wearing suede shoes or a plaster cast or something that you really really can't get wet, she had on a pair of ugly ass sneakers.  HIGH MAINTENANCE.   

oh, and how about the food court guy who was sprinting across the food court to get upstairs.  running?  wet tiles?  slippery maybe?  he wiped out soooo bad!  he just lay on his back for a really long time not moving and completely stunned, and i'm pretty sure he wasn't able to move his arm, he was pretty sure he broke it.  that's why i had to turn off the escalator (this is after i considered snapping a photo of him laying there), because there was no way i was running DOWN on a wet & slippy UP escalator to see it he was ok.  sheeesh.  no one really seemed to be concerned that the escalators were immersed in water.  electricity?  metal?  water?  seems kind of dangerous.  anyway, made it home a quite cold, wet and shivery & don't plan on going to the mall again for quite some time.  

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