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hi hi hi, i was in nyc this week was design week and it was soo much fun!  i also got to visit the fab.com offices, it was crazy to see what needs to happen to put on these flash sales.  the offices are beautiful, right on the waterfront with a stunning view of the hudson.  what really got me excited was that they get delicious lunch every day and birthday celebrations on fridays.  nice design furniture all over the place, it looked liked a clean modern black white and red herman miller showroom.  i was pretty excited to meet all the people i've been communicating with in person!!  it helps to put a face to the email.  everyone was super nice and it's refreshing to see a company where everyone absolutely loves working there.  i think i may have asked to work there after seeing the lunch menu and also finding out that they would be serving magnolia cupcakes at 3pm.  

fab also had two pop up shops on the go for design week.  pretty nice to see the products in person, especially the tom dixon etch web pendant lamp!  sooo beautiful.  

one and a half more days left in my fab sale!  check it out if you haven't, there are a few new styles included as well!  

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