cats & crystals & chairs

what's up?  pepito looking shocked on top.  some big crystal bullet studs for my mum.  she always wants to buy jewelry from me, but that's ridiculous.  she's my mom.  i can't take money from her.  well, i mean i can and i have but i can't sell her my stuff, that's weird.  

i bought myself a comfy office chair.  it's overstuffed leather, it's like a leather hug.  it's shiny, warm and soft, kind of like the rolls royce couch of office chairs.  so comfortable.  so big.  i can sit in the middle of it with a cat on each side.  

i've been using an eames side shell on an H base for my computer desk chair.  the shell is comfortable enough but after a few hours your ass will get sore, it's not padded.  (the chair, not my ass.)  i don't know if i'm the only one who's noticed this, but i don't find eames shells on stacking bases very comfortable.  they're the exact same shell as the h-base, but i think they may be angled a little bit differently than the h-base, and it makes my back hurt.  i'm also 5'4" and these chairs were likely made for taller peeps.  

i was once gifted a garbage picked aluminum group chair.  pretty sweet gift!  it was in a dirty and stained vulva coloured wool upholstery.  i tried to clean it, but it stank like cat piss.  (not pissed on by my cats, my cats are entirely civilized and don't pee on furniture)  the base and arms were super corroded, could not be restored and sadly, i had to toss it.  it wasn't worth saving.  anyway, if you could ignore the smell of stray cats and stuff, it still wasn't nearly as comfortable as my new chair.  

so my new chair is a dream.  not sure when it was made but probably 70s-80s.  executive chair designed by charles pollock in 1963, produced by knoll.  this one is in shiny black leather, and in excellent condition with a four star base.  they switched to 5 star bases in 1990 because apparently the four legs weren't sturdy enough.  what, too many drunk execs falling out of their chairs?  so now, by law, because of safety standards office chairs need to have 5 legs = less tippy.  

photo via the new york times
here's a sweet interview with mr. charles pollock.  he's not dead you know!!!  he just designed a new chair that's going to make it's debut next week!  i'm going to figure out where he lives and peer into his window the next time i'm in the upper west side.  i want to see what kind of furniture he has.  maybe we could hang out and talk about cats.  i mean chairs.    

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