1st place 1st place!!!

a little prize ribbon to show people you're better than them.  FIRST.  maybe you've always known it and thought it, but now it's official.  this ribbon was inspired by the personalized prize ribbon given to me by victoire many years ago.  it's yellow, and it has a gold horseshoe on it, as well as my company name.  the coolest!  (honestly, it's 2 feet away from me, and i just can't be bothered to take a photo of it because my phone camera is crap when there's not enough light and the photos come out way too grainy, i may update this post with a proper photo at some other point.)  this pendant is also a little tribute to cat show ribbons.  those super cute cats in ribbon covered cages at cat shows.  what a weird place.  anyway.  this pendant is done in a brushed oxidized finish.  sterling silver of course.    

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