cats being cats

pepito, unimpressed that i'm not downstairs feeding him.  yes, that's dried gravy stuck on the side of his face.  he is long overdue for a bath, i've been waiting for it to get warmer because he prefers to air dry over getting hairdryered.  

beef, my borrowed cat rolling around.  sometimes, when he's laying in the middle of the floor, i call him a cat island.  he's really big and the sweetest, quietest, lowest maintenance cat you'll ever meet with a funny squeak instead of a meow.  and also painfully shy.  he's made it 3/4 of the way down the stairs in two weeks, maybe he'll be hanging out downstairs by the end of the week.  poof & pepito are getting along great with beef, but ponyo still insists on hissing & growling at him.  she doesn't even really mean it and i think she's just trying to scare him, because she's doing it from her cat bed, she growls at him when he walks by, just to be a jerk.  she doesn't even bother getting up.  lazy cat.  

poof likes to hang out in beef's cat carrier.  last week, i nearly bought a vintage child's bertoia side chair for my cats.  i say almost, because thank goodness the auction had a reserve price because i was the highest bidder.  and also after the auction ended i discovered that the chair had been spray painted.  you know, that's something worth mentioning in your listing, like "good condition" except that it's BEEN SPRAY PAINTED, NOT THE ORIGINAL FINISH.  geez.   

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