made these a few months ago, but sold all of them before i had a chance to take proper photos.  rough faceted round garnets earrings & pendant in handmade oxidized silver claw settings & big crystal bullet studs & pendant.  they're all about 1/4" across.  i don't really like coloured stones but i fell in love with these deep red garnets.  i really really like irregularly shaped naturally faceted stones.  my birthstone is ruby (blech) and i always wanted to switch to my childhood dog frisky's birth month april, hello diamonds!!!  yes, i had a dog named frisky.  i did not name him.  been watching sherlock, and i kind of want to name my next cat detective inspector, or maybe i'll just rename poof.  she's not going to care, she's a cat.  

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  1. I call the red garnet pieces we have our "Twilight collection". Don't worry, it hasn't really caught on.


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