smells like...

HAMSTERS!!! my house smells like hamsters right now.  and not in a good way.  i switched to cedar cat litter yesterday, the sweet smell of cedar chips?  no.  hamsters.  i've been trying to quit clay litter because it's kind of bad for the environment, it's mined and when you're done using it, it just sits in a landfill, uh forever.  a while back i switched to corn cat litter.  it was a disaster.  my ENTIRE house was covered in little bits of corn husk or whatever they use.  the tiny pieces are really really lightweight and they get everywhere.  the house turned into a corn litter snow globe.  the cedar seemed to be a bit heavier, it still tracks more than clay litter, but not nearly as bad as the corn litter, but the smell, THE SMELL!!!  i have two huge bags of it to finish, then i guess i'll try the newspaper litter.  that stuff clumps right?  oh cats.  i just can't quit you.

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  1. my aunt has a self cleaning litter box. you have to have it installed like a dishwasher (probably pricey) but it uses little beads and when ever it senses that the cat been there it swirls water around and then flushes the mess but leaving the beads. It does mean water wasted though, but no more than a toilet....


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