new bike new bike new bike!

guess what i got today!  a new bike!  well it's at least thirty years old, but it's new to me.  i found it at the back of a thrift store for $25!  it's really light, only 20lbs, 10lbs lighter than my current 70-80's canadian tire supercycle road bike.  there's nothing super about that.  i mean i do still love my current bike, it's served me really well for the past few years, i got it for about $70 at sos velo in hochelaga.  they're  a not for profit that rehabs old bikes & they also sell "as is" bikes, they do good work!!  if you need a bike in montreal, i would highly recommend them!!  i end up putting in about $70 of repairs into that bike each year.  i got three or four punctured tires last year (there's a whole lot of broken glass on the road) & my bottom bracket seized up. 

anyway, i'm excited to try out my new bike, it even has it's original leather seat!  (i hate using the word saddle unless i'm referring to riding a horse.)  my new favorit bike a little gem made in czechoslovakia.  also good, all the branding is stickers so i can take them off!  i happened to find this bike while thrifting off the island of montreal and i thought i could be sneaky and take the bike apart and take it on the bus, but they driver said no.  i was also carrying a HUGE suitcase of stuff with me so thank goodness i knew someone who working nearby (one of my contractors) & i was able to bum a ride into the city.  otherwise it would've been a long 5 hour walk home.  

i'm going to join a bike coop or something and change the tires & the brakes because they're old and dried out, change the handlebars to bullhorns, maybe d.i.y. some leather handlebar tape and move the brakes because i can't really reach them because the bike is a bit big.  it's 58cm, the same size as my current bike (also too big), but i'm sure i'll get used to it.  

also in breaking news, this is beef!  he's staying with me for the next couple of months.  he's really cute.  right now he's living in my studio.  he's pretty shy, he stayed hidden for nearly two days,  so i'm going to wait before introducing him to my three cats so they don't give him a heart attack or panic attack.  he's really quiet & doesn't need to be entertained so i forget he's here until i hear him snoring on my pile of vintage boots.  yay for cats!!! 

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