crystal bullet rings, here to stay.

i only made a limited quantity of these crystal bullet rings for christmas sales & shows to try them out, but i think i'm going to produce them now.  i had problems making them in the beginning, but i finally figured out a good & consistent way to make them.  this batch is heading to victoire.  textured oxidized silver bands with a tiny vertically set herkimer diamond.  good for fistfights.  i was on a ring making roll today until i accidentally punctured my butane canister.  good thing it was warm enough to have my window open today, so when i couldn't stop the spray of butane gas by plugging the hole with my finger (what was i thinking???) i just threw the can out the window.  how's that for problem solving skills?  kind of like the time i threw out an entire fish tank/filter/motor/water/plants/rocks because i couldn't deal with my dead fish (singular).  

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