bertoia ottoman!

i just bought myself a vintage bertoia ottoman!  i wasn't at all planning on buying one, but i came across a listing for one today at a great price.  i don't drink, i don't really eat out, i don't buy clothing very often, especially disposable trend items, but i do like to indulge in used and slightly rusty furniture, and it's nice to know that i can always re-sell it for the same or more than what i buy it for,    unlike a stained trendy t-shirt, or an empty glass of beer.  i guess you could say i'm using the money i would be spending in one month if i went out (at all) let's say once a week and drank a lot of beer at a bar or bought party drugs.  so this ottoman a good investment.  i can either be doing drugs, or buying furniture.  so the choice is obvious and rehab is expensive.  i can justify any purchase really.  how about the time i owned a car for ONE day?  that still stings a bit.  anyway, i can't wait to pair up this ottoman with my $25 leather poang chair i thrifted from a nearby church before it burnt down.  now i have to hunt down or d.i.y. some decent glides for this little guy so he doesn't scrape the crap out of my floors.  i was thinking of maybe hand stitching some chunky leather tubes with sinew, seems like a better looking option than shelling out $20 for some nasty clear plastic ones with felt.  welcome to the family little ottoman.  i can't wait to get you in the mail.  

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