this week in cats, and dinosaurs.

i set ponyo up on a blind date with an antique doll for valentine's day.  i bought the doll at a flea market in nyc years ago. 

i bought myself a little present.  an original 1950's eames wire chair with eiffel base.  it had a full pink naugahyde cover on it, but i love the look of the bare wires, little rust spots included.  

poofy enjoying a spot of sun next to my new chair.  

ponyo, sleepy.  

poofy & her dinosaur friend.  i really like vintage plastic dinosaurs.  i've found a few.  

these are amazing vintage dinosaurs toys from the 80's.  they look great in plants.  


oxidized knot earrings

made a little family of oxidized knot earrings.  they're all slightly different.  i like knots.  they're currently available at general54 in montreal.  

caged cat teeth

this is the "before" i ground down some of the "root" of the teeth to make them smoother.  

these are custom cage cat fangs, they came from a sweet cat named otto.  he had some dental work done a while back.  i had originally thought he had the teeth pulled post-mortem hehe.  oops.  anyway, i made them for my friends yana & freddy.  his and hers cat teeth pendants.  if you send me your grandma's teeth, i can probably make you something too.    

big burly bear


big burly bear giving a friendly wave.  this guy is pretty hefty, he measures 1.25" tall, cast in solid sterling silver.  i'm about to go on a 3 day ski trip so i was felt like making some canadiana/outdoor themed jewelry.  a big bear?  hopefully it's not foreshadowing of a bear eating all our food.  i'm bringing 16lbs of sweet potatoes for homemade poutine, i would be sooo sad if a bear ate all of my fries.  

sad hot dog

sad hot dog pendant.  i know, i know, i had a good collection going with a mineral/crystal theme.  but sometimes i just have the urge to make something really dumb.  i don't know how many people will want to wear a depressed sterling silver hot dog, but whatev.  i like him.  i'm trying not to eat cured meats anymore as they're full of sodium nitrate aka cancer.    
i'm going to leave that thought unfinished.  


crystals & bow

caged quartz necklace
before soldering & oxidizing
crystal bullet ring
stuff i was working on this week... caged crystal necklaces... each crystal has a custom built cage.  it's pretty tricky to get the cages to be the perfect fit.  a crystal bullet ring on the bottom, this is going to be someone's engagement ring!  no pressure to make it nice right?  uh, i mean i always put that much effort into making everything perfect.  see ya. oh, also exciting, my mini ribbon bow necklace (now re-named "gleaming" ribbon necklace) is now available at anthropologie!  on-line only.  and in the montreal store when it opens.  that should be soon right?  it's always interesting so see how other people photograph my jewelry.  i like it.