circular scarf from breed knitting (alpaca blend)

genevieve savard silk night cap dress, way better photos of it here.  

string theory pixelate infinity scarf 

ovate grey leather jacket 

unttld silk top 

string theory "how to knit" scarf (done on a woven, get it?  get it?)

unttld leather vest

paul graham dip dye shirt

i made out like a bandit this holiday season.  i scored an entire new wardrobe of "grown up" clothing from my favourite local designers that i absolutely love.  it helps that at shows like smart design mart and souk@sat, you're with these people for several days in a row, and they're forced to stare at your stuff for hours on end, and by the end of the event, they're convinced they actually like & need your jewelry, kind of like how you can brainwash someone into joining a cult.  win win right?  right?  anyway, i'm so very pleased with my haul, and there's even more stuff i traded for that i didn't get pictures of.  bwahahahahhahahah.  hope the jewelry i bartered isn't falling apart yet.  just kidding.  ok not really.  

bartering is the best.  there aren't a lot of things i wouldn't barter for.  in fact, i wish there were more things i could barter for.  i mean i'm not complaining or anything, i was lucky enough to be able to barter with my current (amazing) handyman, some jewelry for some very handy hours.  so really, the only left that i need to barter for are shoes, food, cat food & stuff from the hardware store.  any  takers?   

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  1. hahah love this stuff! gorgeous items.

    btw, your etsy is SO AMAZING i'm absolutely obsessed !



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