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a mix of my vintage things, dead stuff & design books & brenden's action figures. 

almost done!!  finally a safe place to show off my west german pottery collection! 
i found a little something on craigslist listed as a "wall system/room divider" last weekend, managed to email the guy within 3 hours of the ad going up & picked it up yesterday.  i was the first reply, so i got it!  it was such a good price i would have lost money if i hadn't had bought it!  it pays off to spend all your spare time on craigslist.  also, you end up spending a lot of money.  the photo below is the photo from the ad.  i did not think it was a cadovius at all.  

photo from craigslist ad.  the ad read: "wood wall system in two pieces.  adjusts to ceiling height."
the wall unit turned out to be wayyy bigger than i thought it would be.  kind of like how i just ordered some deer skulls on ebay and when i got them they ended up being wayyy smaller than i though they would be.  anyway.  we barely managed to cram all the pieces into the communauto (toyota yaris):  two very large cabinets (one with two drawers inside & shelf, one with two compartments and shelves) three deep shelves, four narrow shelves & three 8ft tension poles.  the brackets are really beautiful and everything is super solid, heavy and well built.  
check out those brackets!
i nearly bought a cado system about 3 years ago when one of the antique shops was closing out on st. laurent, he was selling it for $400 & it was beautiful, four rails & rare magazine rack and i think the little desk.  i was broke at the time and i had no where to put it and it's haunted me for a long time, you know, the one that got away.  but i'm happy now.  i didn't even know that poul cadovius made tension pole cado systems.  but i know now.  bwahahahhahahah.  all the shelves & cabinets have that lovely marking i love to see:  "made in denmark".  

the telescopic tension poles were a bit too short for my ceiling and were missing the metal pins on the bottom "feet" to adjust the height to make them taller.  my first stop to pei mobilier modern 20e siècle on ontario street & amherst.  the guy is super nice, even when you don't buy anything (hey take that the rest of you bitchy shop owners on amherst, especially cranky pants at cité déco, it's like he's hates his job & doesn't want to ever sell anything, and i think in the maybe 30 times i've in that shop, he's only been in a good mood once.)  anyway pei has the most beautiful things & the guy is always restoring a ton of stuff so i though he might have spare parts kicking around.  he didn't have the part i was looking for, but did tell me the cado system w/tension poles is rarer than the usual wall rails, then he sent me to jack's across the street, because he remembered that they have one of the systems.  
see?  the nail holding everything up.  please ignore the plaster dust fr/drilling into the ceiling. 

the guy at jack's was really nice too!  he said that part is always missing & he suggested using a big fat nail.  thanks buddy!  i got a box of heat treated concrete nails (doesn't get any harder than that, and they worked perfectly!  i also had to cut out leather circles to glue on the metal "feet" pad the floor & ceiling.  pretty easy to set up & i love it.  i didn't use the deep shelves because they're way too um deep.  hmm, what else, oh this system is amazing because there are holes on both sides of the rails so if you use it as a room divider you can hang shelves etc on both sides.  amazing!  i'm turning one of the shelves in the cabinet into a cat bed, i like integrating cat things into existing furniture.  

cat bed!!
fyi this looks way better in my house than the nursing home/giant assisted living apartment it came out of.  just sayin.  newly cleaned & oiled.  it's effing beautiful.  

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