this came in the mail last week

got myself a little stuffed head to go on my wall.  smart design mart just wrapped up. it was amazing, best turnout ever.  everyone's set ups looked so good, the new space was the best yet.  here are some photos of the three days.   i was sad i didn't have time to go shop.  the tuesday after, i was so exhausted i slept for 15 hours and now i have the plague.  whine whine whine. well, i guess i'm just thankful i didn't get the nasty gastro that was going around. ewwww.  


what are you doing this weekend?

photo by tyson bodnarchuk, you know the guy with 8 million tumblr followers
if you know what's good for you, you'll be at smart design mart.  i know who you are.  if that sounds like a threat, it's because it is.  we've worked very very hard for the last couple of months putting together our this show!  it's this friday to sunday.  it's our 4th year and it's going to be the best year yet.  even bigger space, so the aisles aren't even aisles, they're like huge studio apartments.  that doesn't really make sense, but it does in my head.  what i'm trying to say is that it won't be crowded and you'll be freaked out cause strangers are rubbing up against you.  well i guess that can still happen, but at least now you'll know it's on purpose.  

the only stress you'll have is figuring out how you're going to afford to buy EVERYTHING.  and that's what credit cards are for.  a few new things this year, some incredible new vendors, we have ATMs, (hello! that's a machine that just GIVES you money!) umm, TATTOOING by my good friend krista bursey, if that's not enough, you might even run into santa at smart design mart.  

friday night opening 5-9pm is hosted by cultMTL! they have dj's, giveaways, and issue #4, with great reviews of creepy santas.  we're the relaxed holiday design show where you can just come & hang out, and then come back again the next day and hang out some more.  check out the smart design mart blog (now more bilingual!!) to read up on some of our talented vendors.    


what are you doing this weekend?

hopefully going to souk@sat!  i'll be there from thursday to sunday this week! this year, no kids are allowed, unless your 4 year old can pass as an 18 year old.  it came down to either having booze or children, and i think the right decision was made.  so this year, you'll be enjoying roomier aisles because there will no strollers and i'll be way more relaxed because there won't be any small children with sticky germy fingers trying to eat my jewelry while their "oh let them explore and grow free, i don't believe in the word NO" parents are shopping across the room.  it's going to be good! see you there !


gold gold gold

made some little yellow gold earrings.  they have screw back posts, makes them way harder to lose.  from top to bottom: triangles, tiny skulls, cone spikes, and wireframe pyramids.  currently modeled by fruit as my fingers were really dirty and gross (as usual) and i didn't want know how to show off the earrings, so i stabbed them into fruit.  i won't be listing these in my on-line shop until the new year.  they will be making their debut at souk@sat next weekend, and smart design mart the weekend after.  holy hell it's nearly christmas.  


caged crystals

been making some caged crystals this week. this batch is chunkier and chubbier.  thicker crystals, heavier chains.  go big or go home? i guess since i wear a lot of dirty work t-shirts i kind of wanted a big pendant to distract from the stains.  

caging in progress.  each crystal gets a custom fitted cage.  it has to fit perfectly, too loose, and the crystal will fall out, too tight, and it could put pressure on the crystal and break it.  i've never come across two crystals that were the same size.  i guess that's what makes them magical! magical in a pretty way and magic like science, you know all snowflakes are unique kind of way.  not magical in that spiritual, omg, my chakra is misaligned weird way.  no offense reiki people. 

smokey crystal!  
i left the house for the first time in weeks for something other than work so i decided to break out the mini fur coat and a clean sweater over my dirty t-shirt, and changed out of my dirty work pants, but i did not comb my hair.   

holiday sweat shop time is for a couple more weeks,  i love my work, so most of it is good times.  i'm also organizing smart design mart and we have over 100 participants this year so that involves lots of spreadsheets, running around and a frenzy of admin work, which i find is an entirely different animal than sitting quietly in my studio by myself all day and making jewelry.  

really looking forward to the show though, we're in a bigger spot this year, and we have an amazing line up of artists and designers lots of new people, lots of vetrans.  and tattooing.  yup.  tattooing.  check out the smart design mart blog regularly to learn about our super talented peeps!  i absolutely can't wait to go shopping, i plan on buying ALL of my christmas presents (not just stuff for myself hehe) at the mart!!! 


high five!

i taught tube how to high five.  no big deal.  

diamonds are a cat's best friend

rough diamond & yellow gold pinky ring in progress
similar ring on my pinky & tube trying to eat my fingers, she's about to turn my diamond into a blood diamond.

i'm not a huge fan of sparkly diamonds.  i mean if i found a bag of them on the street it wouldn't be a bad day.  what i mean to say is that i would make a lost poster and try to get the diamonds back to their rightful owner.  anyway what i'm really a huge fan of is, rough diamonds.  uncut diamonds.  diamonds in their natural state.  even rough cut diamonds.  i managed to get my hands on some old industrial diamonds.  these came from great britain somewhere, from an old factory that closed down a long time ago.  so they are guaranteed not to be blood diamonds, if anything, they were rescued from the trash.  most of them are a sparkly silvery grey color and absolutely stunning.  i love the idea of being able to rock (excuse the pun) a huge diamond (yet surprisingly affordable) on your pinky, without it being super flashy and obviously a diamond.  the one in the photo is 1.8 carats, the rest are around 1 carat (like the one i've been wearing).  i'll be making few of these for the holiday season.  


working on some new rings

i'm pretty excited about these!  crystal knuckle dusters! i've had many requests for two finger rings, but i'd never really gotten around to making any until now.  giant crystals & oxidized silver.  every ring has to be individually made to fit each stone.  


fab holiday!

my fab holiday sale just went up this morning!  not only did they manage to pull this together with the warehouse & office shut down because of superstorm sandy, employees were also working from home.  go fab!  but really, what i'm most impressed with is the collage above.  so nice!  anyway, if you need to buy presents for anyone, by presents, i mean my jewelry, now's the time.  a lot of my staple pieces are at a significant discount, and ready to ship out right away.  the sale lasts for 7 days!  check it out!!!  


happy halloween!

unicorn (very rare)


batman (and robin)

hello kitty

well, halloween was happier for some than others.  although poof looks somewhat unhappy in some of the photos, she was actually purring, loving the attention & waiting patiently for the next costume change.   the witch hat was her favourite, i kept having to chase her down because she kept walking away with it. i'm not even sure if she knew she had a hat on.  a few sheets of cardstock, markers & tape, now that's some low budget fun.  i just fed her as many cat treats as she could eat,  now i just hope she doesn't throw up.  



enjoying a spot of sun.  

working working

i carved a really tiny skull & i'm playing around with some of my treasured crystals.  i'm working on lots of new things some gold things and some big things, lots of one of a kind things.  i'll be selling my jewelry at souk@sat as well as smart design mart this holiday season!  if you want to be part of smart design mart this year, the deadline to apply for is november 1st & you can apply on-line!  


hairy bertoia

poof making using her chair.  this mini cat sized bertoia chair was worth every penny.  (ok, that's a lie, i paid way too much for it, and it's three friends) but i do feel like it's a better investment than a giant ugly cat condo made out of beige carpet scraps.  you can't re-sell one of those.  think of mid century furniture as a sort of cat college fund.  well, that's what i tell myself every time i bring home more miniature furniture.  

hi tube!

tube looking thoughtful.  the name this 5 year old cat came with (sophia) just didn't suit her at all, and also it's my bf's ex-gf's name, so even though she's a nice very girl (the ex, not the cat),  i kept calling the cat a slut.  she didn't answer to sophia more than anything else (the cat not the ex) so i named her tubesock kind of as a joke because she's um grey, and sort of shaped like tube.  so unfortunately for her the name has stuck (the cat, not the ex).  sorry tube.  


ask me why i smell like cigarettes.

ok! good news!  i finally got the lounge chair i've been looking for forever!  just a simple teak thing.  i've been trying to get my hands on one of these for so long.  but for the right price.  the thing is, dealers & resellers keep getting to the listings on craigslist and kijiji before me.  they have vans and are not dependant on arranging for other transportation, so they can go pick stuff up asap.  first come first serve.  once i managed to snag two similar chairs with original cushions for $50 and even arranged for a delivery van for pick up off the island, but they guy selling them was at work and he called his wife at home 20 minutes too late, and she ended up accidentally selling them out from under me to a dealer.  i almost started crying in public.  oh, and to add insult to injury, the jerk who bought them listed them right back on craigslist the next day for $600.  what an asshole.  this poacher reposts his ads everyday and it's the same stuff he purchased several days earlier but at a crazy markup.  dude, you're selling it out of your garage, not an antique shop.  sometimes he doesn't even bother changing the photos.  how about the teak wall unit he's selling now for $1100 or best offer.  best offer because he bought it for $400.  anyway, everyone has to make a living.  

the chair needs some refinishing, there's a patchy stain job on part of it, a somewhat sticky bumpy build up on it and it smells like some sort of circa 1850 product was applied a bit too liberally and way too often.  the straps need replacing and new cushions of course but i think it's perfect and i can't wait to work on it.  it has beautiful lines and it's really comfortable and i won't be re-selling it.  

so the guy selling it was super nice and since my mode of transportation is bicycle, i asked him if he could deliver the chair and he said he would drive me home because he lives close by!  perfect.  you meet the most interesting people when you buy furniture on craigslist & kijiji.  you know, even though he was chain smoking, watching the voice, and there was a really sharp dental instrument, cigarettes, measuring tape and digital thermometer next to his laptop on his coffee table, i still got into his car, in the dark.  i feel like you just know when someone isn't going to bludgeon you to death.  i guess the only time i got a bit nervous was when he couldn't remember how to turn on his headlights cause he never drives at night.  um, because when he goes out at night he only takes cabs, because he drinks too much.  and he did mention something about seeing too many of his friends going through the "system".  anyway.  thanks!  love my new chair!  


sad camping

a new collection that i've put together inspired by canadian camping and all the bad things that can happen when you go into the woods.  you know, the usual.  these are almost all new pieces, but i've brought back the severed arm, the severed 6 toed leg and the mini stump to complete the story.  it's like a choose your own adventure camping tale that never has a happy ending.  from top to bottom:  three eyed rat (uh oh), camping ax, lil beav, tiny fox head earrings, mini burly bear (big burly bear needed a friend), canoe oars (for a fast getaway), and sad marshmallow on a stick (everyone knows what's going to happen to him).  all new styles are now available in my shop!  


puces display

getting my display & stock ready for puces pop today, it's a huge oversize 8ft table so i'm glad my kitchen table is also 8ft long so i can do a pretend set up just to make sure everything fits.  i've painted the tips of some old antlers black and i'll be hanging necklaces off of them.  thinking of covering the table with dark fabric that goes all the way to the floor and then white vellum on top of that. we'll see.    i haven't done a puces pop for a couple of years so i'm really looking forward to this one!  come visit!!! it's this saturday & sunday, full details here on the facebook event.  so much left to do! 


chair vids are the new cat vids

some people like to have a glass of wine to unwind from a long day of work.  i prefer watching videos like this.  you know, just in case i ever need to take apart an eames lounger.  life skills people. 


puces pop!!!

getting ready for some puces pop, now if i could only remember if it's a 6 ft or 8 ft table, i'm trying to figure out my set up.  either way, it's going to be a a good one, mostly because i'll be there selling alongside a lot of good friends, and also because i have a credit card machine.  come by this saturday & sunday.  here's a list of vendors!  


vintage finds

navy silk jacket with gold rope embroidery

perfect for yachting! although if you fall in the water, the big shoulder pads will soak up a lot of water and you'll probably drown.  

wool blend dress with snap on/off sleeves and matching tie belt.

silk emanuel ungaro dress

silk simon chang dress.  i removed shoulder pads the size of couch cushions from this dress.  

cotton cacharel jumper with open back! so cute!!

this is the front.

vintage hudson's bay wool cardigan with amazing crest with moose & beavers

grey suede fringe vest

ignore the wrinkles.  most beautiful silk ever.  i'll steam it eventually.  comes with a pretty matching skirt and scarf.  i LOVE the print.  
i got lucky this week with some amazing vintage goods.  i'm very very picky with my own clothing, so i rarely keep anything for myself.  but not this time!  i'm going to keep the cacharel jumper, the hbc cardigan, and maybe the fringe vest.  the grey suede is amazing!  

i'm building up my vintage stockpile right now for the oldwig event in the beginning of october.  i'll be bringing in high end & designer vintage clothing (at very reasonable prices), deadstock vintage boots, furniture and home decor.  it's taking place at bain mathieu, an amazing venue, which is also mere blocks from my house, so i'm pretty excited about the commute!  i have an unusual amount of vintage escada, lots of little fur jackets too, i'm bringing in some eames shells, vintage cameras, antique books, silk scarves, west german pottery, pretty much anything that isn't nailed down in my home.  it's going to be fun!!!  will post more details and sneak peeks a they come.